Thanksgiving Poem

T is for being thankful for everybody around me
H is for a happy day
A is for awesome foods that are gathered ’round this table
N is for not begging for things, just being thankful if you get them
K is for kissing, all the love that’s around this table
S is for saying sorry. We all make mistakes and it’s the best when we say sorry to eachother
G is for giving. It is nice when you give things to other people
I is for integrity. You have to do the right thing even if there is no one around you
V is for very grateful people around us
I is for I love you
N is for not saying bad things about other people
G is for game time. Let’s eat!

finally found how to turn off caps lock 🙂 finally! (1 found out 2 days ago.) my keyboard was broken! I had to buy a new keyboard. it was $60. I hate best buy. they over price things. and this was the cheapest keyboard. Its a piece of crap. (not literally)

My pet peeves ._.

  1. Mouth breathers
    Even for a minute, when I am next to a mouth breather I am totally annoyed. I tell them breathe thru their nose; it works for a minute or two but after, its still loud breathing. If they have like a condition and they CAN’T breathe thru their nose, I’m OK but if its a clean nose with no boogers or blockage, it gets so ANNOYING
  2. Slow texters or texters that type and delete.
    So Apple Inc. has the function of telling you when your friend, mom, dad and other people with Apple products when they are typing. When people are typing for a 1/2 of an hour and all they send is ‘k’ or ‘OK’ it gets annoying! Also people who where texting for a while and you want to know what they are trying to iterate to you and then it’s nothing that’s all.

Comment what your pet peeves are and I might give a shout to you!